You don’t have to be in a desperate place to hire a coach.

In fact, many of my clients are successful, thriving, and quite happy with their lives.  Most are simply in need of a jump start in one specific area.

I’ve worked with:

  • Individuals making a job change and/or a complete career change
  • Small business owners in need of a clear direction for their business
  • Professionals wanting more out of their careers and/or more balance in their lives
  • Individuals hoping to find love
  • People who want to move to a new geographical location
  • Individuals who simply want to realize the best versions of themselves (be it confident, healthy, adventurous, or happy)

A coach can often times spark the clarity you need to move forward in a particular direction and then continue with you through the necessary steps to the end result.  It’s like having your own personal raving fan – the person who cheers you on, helps you brainstorm, holds you accountable and who is able to reflect your best self back to you when you get stuck or forget.

One thing I do like to make clear up front however – coaching is not therapy.

Coaching is a very action-oriented, future-driven relationship.  You get to discover things about yourself and your innermost desires and then set about bringing those desires to life.

Honestly, when you’re really ready to make a change, coaching can be the most fun experience you’ve ever had.  Amazing things can happen in a relatively short amount of time once you set your mind to it.

The best part is you’re in complete control of the process.  You never have to do things you don’t want to do and you always get to decide in what direction you will go.

It’s really that simple.

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, head over to The Clarity Lab site to check it out.


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